Do Goldfish Have Teeth?

do goldfish have stomachsIf you have seen Steven Spielberg’s 1975 American thriller, Jaws then you are all too familiar with the teeth that can be found in marine life. Some of them are so terrifying that they haunt our dreams! However, should we fear our goldfish? Do they have terrifying chompers like Jaws? Let’s dive into the fish bowl and find out!

Do Goldfish have teeth?

As a matter of fact, they do! Goldfish have teeth just like various other fish. People do not realize that goldfish have a set of chompers because they are not easily seen by us. Their teeth are located in the pharynx of the fish’s mouth instead of along their gum line. Their teeth are also not sharp as you may think. They are not capable of penetrating flesh, so there is nothing to fear. These teeth are called Pharyngeal Teeth due to their location.

Pharyngeal teeth:

Pharyngeal teeth are located in the goldfish’s pharynx, as previously mentioned. They are not sharp like the teeth found on Jaws, but they are capable of grinding up fish food, insects, and various plants. They may be located near the back of the goldfish’s mouth, but they still make a chomping sound! Turn off your filtration system during feeding time and listen close!

Do Betta Fish have teeth?

Betta Fish also have teeth! They are minuscule and white. If you use a magnifying glass and observe your Betta’s mouth carefully, you are sure to see their pearly whites! Betta Fish enjoy munching on food throughout the day and night, whether they are hungry or not. These little fighters are kept in their own tanks for a reason! They resemble a starving piranha when they are feeding and would likely not want to share with others.

Do all fish have teeth?

In general, yes, all fish have teeth. However, the type of teeth and the location of the teeth will greatly depend on the species of fish as well as what that species like to eat. If the fish species feeds on other fish, then their teeth will be pointier and designed to rip through flesh and bones. If the fish species enjoys eating plants, then their teeth will be rounded and better designed to for shredding sea vegetation, algae, and various other plants.

What other fish have teeth?

All fish have teeth. Bluefish and piranhas have sharp pointy teeth that are capable of tearing through flesh and bone. Many fishermen have been harmed by these fish hen attempting to take them off of their fishing lines. These fish may also hurt a human if they were in the same water. Muskie and Pike fish have sharp teeth that are designed for consuming birds and other fish. Another fish that has sharp teeth is the alligator gar which weighs in at approximately 200 pounds. The Barracuda has intimidating chompers that help these fish enjoy their favorite meal, meat!

Goldfish and every species of fish do, in fact, have teeth. The size, shape, and capabilities all depend on what that particular species of fish likes to eat.